Buying Our Garlic

We hope you will sign up for our farm’s Garlic Friends Email newsletter, which keeps you up to date with our markets, new recipes, photos of ‘doin’s’ on the farm, CSA memberships, and invitations to special events on the farm. 

Markets: We first sell green garlic when it is ready to harvest late-April to early-May to our CSA members and also to local chefs. We then sell garlic scapes at farmers’ markets (variable timing – a 2-week season that may begin anytime between mid-May to mid-June – please sign up for our farm newsletter to be notified when they appear and when we are bringing them to markets – don’t miss their short appearance and availability!) and garlic bulbs, garlic braids, (August-October until sold out) and honey from our hives (when available) at the following farmers’ markets and retail locations:

  • Dixboro Farmers’ Market on the Village Green – Friday 3-7 pm (We will only attend this weekly market sporadically when we have products to sell from late May through October plus their Holiday Market on the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving – sign-up for our email newsletter to receive the full schedule and details)
  • Argus Farm Stop at 325 W. Liberty in Ann Arbor – open daily with free parking (Garlic products, our book Get Going with Great Garlic, and our  dog treats, and bees’ wax lip balms only when available – please ask!)
  • Busch’s Fresh Food Market – at the Green and Plymouth Rd store in NE Ann Arbor.  Open daily with free parking. When available, our locally-grown garlic will be on the farm stand featuring locally-grown food, typically at the entrance to the produce section when we have garlic available to sell (early August until we are sold out). Please ask for our garlic if you cannot find it!

Special Note: We gladly accept tokens for various food assistance programs at the Dixboro Farmers’ Market.  

We have been invited to be vendors at nearly every farmers market in SE Michigan. It is difficult to say ‘Thanks, but no thanks”, but (1) our farm’s goal is to truly sell ‘local’, and (2) we even dropped a farmers’ market in 2014 and two more in 2016 for the difficult but simple reason that we need more time both on the farm and at home. Since 2010, we have easily sold everything we have grown at farmers’ markets,  retail stores, and to small food vendors in SE Michigan, most being within 12 miles of our farm.

We are your “deep local” certified organic farmers,  

focused on nourishing the health of our soil and our local community.

At Ann Arbor’s Westside Farmers Market 9.29.2011

Chefs, caterers, and local food producers who wish to purchase larger quantities of our green garlic, garlic scapes or garlic (or arrange for a private tasting at our farm before you purchase) should call Dick (734-649-1654, cell). We can arrange to have your order ready for pick up at a local farmers’ market, we can deliver to your kitchen (if it is a reasonable drive), or you may pick it up at our farm.

We do ask that our farm name, logo, and garlic variety be included on the label or menu board, as we love cross-marketing our win-win-win community collaborations, i.e., our #localfoodcommunity!

PS – We have even done “rush orders” in the past, but, understandably, we do need to charge an extra delivery fee for that service. 🙂

Dick delivering Green Garlic to Brandon Johns, owner/chef at The Grange Kitchen & Bar, Ann Arbor, MI

Our green garlic, garlic scapes, garlic, and/or our honey has been purchased by the following food establishments. Many thanks for loving our garlic!

We love having discussions with area chefs and small food producers, so stay tuned for updates on new opportunities for us as we sell our green garlic, garlic scapes, and ~40 varieties of organically-grown garlic within our local community, “nourishing the health of our local community”, which is our goal and really exciting for us!

Seed Garlic – All of our garlic is both edible and plantable. Because our garlic is certified organic, none of the garlic has been dipped in bleach, sprayed or treated with synthetic fungicides to prevent sprouting, as is common with store-bought garlic.
  • Our farm’s policy and practice is to save the best garlic harvested for our own seed stock to plant next year’s crop. Period. Simple. We don’t even eat any of ‘the best’ ourselves. We plant it all for you.
  • Our Garlic CSA members will have a dedicated time to come purchase any of our garlic to plant in their own gardens once we have sorted and set aside our own seed stock.
  • Next chance will be given to everyone who receives our Garlic Friends Email newsletter.
  • Finally, anyone who buys our garlic at our market stand (or other retail outlet) may also pick out the ‘biggest’ of what is available that day to plant. Planting instructions are available on our website here.
  • Our recommendation is to purchase your planting garlic early during our marketing season, not waiting until the last week of September when most of our varieties and large heads of garlic have already sold out.
  • 2017 – we will ship garlic this year only – our first year to do so – after August 26, 2017. Please use the Contact Us page to inquire about availability of specific varieties. (Our CSA members get the first opportunity to buy our 2017 harvest during August, and then we will open up the remainder of our available garlic to the public.)