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Our Garlic Friends Email Newsletter has been very popular over the past seven years, with many customers stopping by our market table to tell us how much they enjoy reading it (and even miss it during the winter). It is sent weekly during the market season, and sporadically during our “off season”, to customers who sign up at our market stand, or you may sign up below.

Here is the information typically included in the newsletter:

  • When we are coming to markets (always included),
  • Which markets and if we need to skip a market (always included),
  • What we are bringing, including what is new this week (always included),
  • Some updates about the farm,
  • Interesting tidbits about garlic,
  • Extra recipes that are not distributed at the table,
  • Exclusive invitations to farm events not open or advertised to the public,
  • Where is our garlic? (Local restaurants, food producers, schools enjoying our garlic!) and,
  • Comments from our customers (they are so much fun for us to hear!).
We hope you sign up. We’re going into our 9th year year as garlic farmers (!!), with nearly 2000 people signed up for our newsletter. Please be sure to introduce yourself when you stop by our table. We will try our very best to remember you (but also appreciate reminders!).

Thank you and welcome to our farm!