Customer Comments

These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of fun and heart-warming comments shared with us by our customers over the years.

• “My daughter-in-law gave me one of the garlic braids you made as a gift. I am thrilled as I had always ‘coveted’ the braid hanging in her kitchen. Even though I would enjoy it as ‘eye-candy’ hanging in my kitchen, I will also enjoy using each bulb and then hope I am given another braid next year!”

• “Thanks for ALL the info you share with us. My recipes just ‘pop’ when using your garlic!”

• “I just found you guys 2 weeks ago, and I’m already a repeat customer!”

• “I come to this farmers’ market because you’re here!”

• “I remember liking ALL your garlic last year.”

• “I know we have garlic at home, but we don’t have THIS garlic!”

• “I’m so glad to find you. Having so many garlic varieties to try is the most exciting food experience I can imagine!”

• “I come to the market for your garlic! Then I see what else is also available that will be great to eat.”

• “Your garlic is worth every penny! I can never, ever go back to ‘store-bought’ garlic again.”

• “Thank you for educating our community about ‘great garlic!’ (Chef Mark at Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan)

• “Oh, oh, you are our garlic farmer!”, said by one of our customers as I walked into a local store, which was a surprise and fun. I responded, “Why, yes, I am! Thank you for loving our garlic!”

• “Your honey is the best I have tasted since the honey I had to eat when growing up in Scotland!”

• “My son cannot stay out of your honey. He loves the taste, it’s the best ever, and he is looking for the bees’ knees.”

• “I think so highly of your product, your networking in the community, and all the labor that goes into nurturing the soil and raising all that garlic!” (a comment from a customer who grows her own garlic!)

We have loved our customers and do indeed thank you for loving our garlic and our honey. We thank you for supporting us at the first farmers market we attended in 2010 (when we had NO idea what we were doing!) and for coming out to markets to buy from us no matter the weather. 🙂

There is a customer under this tarp buying garlic in the rain!