What is a Garlic CSA and How can I join?

CSA stands for ‘community supported agriculture’, in which a member (a person or family) purchases an annual ‘share’ of a local farm before the growing season begins and, while sharing the risk with the farmer in terms of actual harvest, then receives an array of vegetables (in this case, a wide selection of our garlic varieties and garlic products and honey when available) throughout the season.

Please sign up for our farm’s Email newsletter to receive the first information about the 2016 Garlic Friends CSA sign-up beginning February 1st, deadline will be April 30th. Here are a few details for 2016.

General info about the 2016 Garlic Friends CSA is below.

  • Cost per share is $100/year. You may buy more than one share. Yes, some members buy more than one share!
  • If signing up prior to April 30th, you will receive $110 ‘credit’ on a “farmcard” to purchase anything we sell at our market stands or on the farm (we will swipe the card on our phone to use your credit as we keep track of your sales and balance).
  • No volunteering is requested this year but we (almost) never turn down help.
  • You purchase what you wish from us, when you wish with your credit.
  • Other benefits include availability of green garlic (otherwise only available for chefs to purchase), availability to purchase The Brinery’s wildly popular seasonal Garlic Sauerkraut (made with 3 varieties of our garlic) directly from us, CSA member dedicated time on our garlic scape U-pick day (date TBD), CSA family potluck on our farm (date TBD), CSA member-only time at our annual “Barn Sale” (date(s) TBD), plus extra love from us and our dog Phoebe.
  • Full Description for the 2016 CSA plus instructions for signing up – please download and print a copy for your records: GarlicCSA2016.
  • Deadline for 2016 sign-up is April 30, 2016.
  • No limit (cap) for membership number in 2016.

Please sign up for our farm’s Email newsletter to receive the first information about the 2016 Garlic Friends CSA sign-up and all on-going information about our farm’s activities (on the farm, at the markets, and around town).

Our 2016 market schedule for CSA pick-ups:

  • Ypsilanti Downtown – Tuesday 3-7 pm – 16 S. Washington St., across from the old Smith Furniture Store (free parking in a lot across the street)
  • Dixboro Market Friday 3-7 pm – on the Dixboro Village Green (free parking at the Dixboro United Methodist Church)
  • Ann Arbor Westside Market – We have made the difficult decision to drop our attendance at this market in 2016. We love these vendors and the location, so we encourage our community to continue shopping there, even without our garlic.

Thank you for re-joining or considering becoming a new member of our farm’s Garlic Friends CSA in 2016. We love all of our customers, but our CSA members are our foundation, our backbone, our strength, and so get some extra love. 🙂

Please Note: We’re sorry, but we do not ship our garlic or honey, as 1) we easily sell everything within 11 miles of our farm, and 2) we just do not have time to do so. Thanks for understanding. 

We love being your local garlic farmers AND your garlic friends!