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If you wish to visit our farm or inquire about us speaking to your class/group, please send us an email (see below). We love visitors (and speaking), but we need to coordinate the date and time with our market appearances, farm work, or the small amount of time that we take off. We will get back to you as soon as possible. During our growing season (April through November), it may take us a few days to respond. Thank you for being patient.

Phone: (734) 649-1654 (Chefs – please call or text Dick at this number if a rapid response is needed)

Email address: — Note: You will need to copy and paste this address into your email program. Please include the plus sign and state “Farm Inquiry” in the subject line. Doing so helps your email inquiry stand out as we skim the flood of email we receive on a daily basis. Thank you.

Please Note: We will repeat that we love our customers and love our visitors, but please remember that our farm is not just our home but our business. Every day is planned, as we try to cram 36 hours of work into 24 hours, making it extremely difficult to accommodate unannounced visitors. In order to create a positive experience for everyone, we hope you will understand and respect our request to make arrangements for visits at a time when we can enjoy having you on the farm. Thank you!

Please Note: As noted on our website’s page Buying Our Garlic, we will ship our garlic this year only with orders accepted after August 26, 2017. Please look at the link for our garlic varieties before contacting us about availability (we will work diligently at updating availability on that page). Price will be $25/pound (certified organic) plus shipping & handling (to be determined). We will do our best to work with you!

The Dyer Family Organic Farm

5846 Becky Lane, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Phone: (734) 649-1654

Email address: