The Dyer Family Organic Farm (home of Dick’s “Pretty Good!” Garlic) has been featured in multiple publications, from hometown newspapers to national magazines, even the 2013 Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac’s 2013 Seasonal Gardening Guide! We are happy to be interviewed (or even filmed) for an article and will do our best to accommodate a tight deadline, but understandably, our family’s needs plus our farm’s field and market needs are our first priority. Please use contact information provided on the Contact Us page.

Some of the many articles in which Dick or Diana have been interviewed or our farm mentioned:


  • Organic Farmers: Growing America’s Health – July 2018 issue of Natural Awakenings, article written by Melinda Hemmelgarn – We’re honored that our farm is mentioned in this article along with several leaders and pioneers from the organic farming community!



  • “In the Studio with Diana Dyer, MS, RD” – an interview by Sharon Palmer, MS, RD on the Plant-Powered Blog, January 7, 2015
  • “Beyond the Hype” – Melinda Hemmlegarn, MS, RD, Acres USA Magazine, March 2015 (no link available)  – an article highlighting how Diana and Dick Dyer are exposing dietetic students to principles of sustainable agriculture on their certified organic farm, to counter the influence dietitians are now receiving from many industrial agricultural companies.
  • Dietitians Fight Kraft Singles ‘Kids Eat Right’ Seal” – Andy Bellatti, MS, RD – March 23, 2015, Diana is quoted supporting the #repealtheseal campaign, to gain back the integrity of the Registered Dietitian credential (RD).
  • “Organic versus Conventional: Which is better?” – Today’s Dietitian, April 2015 – Diana is interviewed strongly supporting organic agriculture and the development of healthy and local/regional food systems.
  • Radio interview with Chef Saundra Irvine of “The Fat Cat Radio Show” in Toledo, Ohio about our garlic farm (regretfully, there is no link to an archived edition of the interview) June 2015
  • “An Early Harvest: Garlic Scapes” – an article in The Toledo Blade featuring our farm and garlic scape recipe 6.23.15
  • Fruits of Their Labor – an e-book written by Eric Samuelson featuring 4 passionate produce  growers around the country including a chapter about our garlic farm – August 2015
  • We Are What We Grow – an article with photographs featuring our farm on the website for our organic certifier Oregon Tilth – August 2015
  • Just Farmers or Scientists in Overalls? – Rootstock, blog for Organic Valley, December 2015 – quoting Diana Dyer





  • Hobby Farms Magazine – September-October 2011 – “The Great Divide: Bridge the Gap” between your city life and your hobby-farm dream with these tips – by Lisa Kivirist (To be honest, I hesitated to consent to this interview because we are not a hobby farm. So the writer emphasized how we were moving from our home to the farm, trying to balance those two parts of our life for two years.)